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The premier choice for motorcycle tow truck services, renowned for its reliability and safety, is exemplified by Maningham Towing. Maningham Towing ensures utmost care during transportation, preventing any damage to your prized vehicle. Maningham Towing is a company that you can always rely on as we offer cheap prices on motorcycle tow truck services in Melbourne. Our prices are equally competitive to allow you to get a quality service without overpaying.

Specialized 24/7 Motorcycle Tow Truck in Melbourne

Maningham Towing provides motorcycle tow trucks services in Melbourne. Motorcycle breakdowns are part of the situation since they can happen at any time of the day. That’s why we have professional Maningham towing services exclusive for motorcycle and scooter owners. If you broke on the side of the road, or transporting it for any other reason our service is for you.

Transporting a motorcycle involves a lot of preparations and skills to ensure that the autobike arrives at the destination in good condition. Below is how Maningham Towing embarks on providing safe and efficient car transport services.

When you need to ship their motorcycle, Maningham Towing will  choose the right mode of transport firstly. Flatbed towing is quite popular for long-distance transportation of motorcycles or valuable machines as it offers optimal protection and stability. For smaller distances, the use of two-wheel towing or towing cradles may be appropriate if the autobike is still functional. Once the method is chosen, the next move is to prepare your motorcycle.

Steps to Safely Transport Your Motorcycle with Maningham Towing

  • Start by washing it well because this makes it easier to locate any damage that is already there in the first place. Take a set of pictures of your motorcycle showing its current condition from different angles. This is important for insurance and to be stress-free.
  • Add that the fuel tank should be half empty to minimize both weight and chances of spilling. It is advisable to take off any items and accessories that may be needed during the journey so that they do not get lost or damaged in the process. It is also advisable to cancel the alarm system if your motorcycle has one installed.
  • The last check should be done before loading and this check should involve identifying any scratch, dent, or any other form of damage on the item. Flatbed towing involves the motorcycle being carefully placed on a tilting platform and anchored down to avoid it shifting.

At this stage, our team always makes sure that stability and safety of the motorcycle from bad roads and weather conditions is observed. Periodic interventions are performed to ensure stability of the autobike throughout the trip.

Common Methods for Towing Motorcycles

There are several techniques which are used by Maningham Towing Company used when towing motorcycles. Familiarity with these approaches is important in order to deliver quality service.

  • Flatbed Towing: Flat towing is one of the most secure forms of transportation for a motorcycle. Here’s how it works: We should note that our flatbed trucks have a platform that is adjustable to the ground level. This is a flat area where your autobike is carefully placed and tied down to ensure that it does not move during transportation. This method is convenient whenever the motorcycle is in bad shape to be ridden or when it has to be transported for a long distance. This helps in reducing the chances of the car being damaged and it gives maximum stability during the trip.
  • Two-Wheel Towing: One of them includes two-wheel towing where the bike is pulled with both wheels not in contact with the ground. This is usually done using equipment that gently raises the front or rear wheel based on the structure of the motorcycles in question. Flatbed towing takes a longer time than two-wheel towing but can be a good option for shorter distances. However, this method needs to be done gently so that additional stress is not placed to the suspension or the frame of the bike.
  • Towing Cradles: Transport cradles are for those motorcycle models that can be towed with their wheels still touching the ground. These cradles hold the bike’s wheels and fix to our towing vehicles in a safe manner. This is mostly used when the towing has to be done for a short distance, or when the autobike can be ridden to the trailer for loading and offloading.

24/7 breakdown towing

No matter what time it is, breakdowns or accidents can happen to the best of anybody. Maningham Towing prides itself in its ability to be available to you and to the community its 24/7 availability. If you find yourself in a sudden breakdown or accident, feel free to contact us.

local, country and interstate

Maningham Towing provides its services to not only Metropolitan Melbourne but also the countryside and interstate. If you happen to need a car towing service and are not in Melbourne, contact us at 0422 701 118 and see how we can help you.

Your Reliable Motorcycle Tow Truck In Melbourne

Maningham Towing understands Motorcycle tow truck is pride of you and this is why we ensure we offer it the utmost security during transport. The professional workforce of Maningham Towing is always aware of the details of each towing method to select the appropriate one for your autobike and its transport requirements. Maningham Towing are fully aware of the trust and responsibility your place in us when they hand over their motorcycles, this is why it is our responsibility to make sure that they get to their intended destinations safely and on time.

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