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For all of your towing needs in Melbourne, Maningham Towing is the solution. We provide expert, effective, and safe towing services in Melbourne. Our top-notch personnel is accessible around the clock. Give us a call at 0422 701 118 for any towing services you require, and we’ll be there!

professional towing services

our towing services in melbourne

We offer three main forms of quality, efficient, reliable, affordable, and quality towing services:

Are you looking for quick and reliable towing services within the Melbourne area?

Look no further. With our towing service, you are guaranteed to regain control even in the most challenging situations because we are here to assist you promptly and professionally whenever you need our help.

After a job well done in the industry for years, we know the tension and discomfort that comes from having your car break down. This is the reason for our comprehensive list of towing services in Melbourne is to make sure that help comes a call away. No matter whether you have a flat tyre, a busted engine, or an accident anywhere on the road we are your team and we can handle any issue in the shortest time with skill and accuracy.

We have tow trucks with top-of-the-line capacity to tow cars irrespective of the size and shape. Therefore, in our company, there is always a higher safety of the cars as well as efficiency in transportation to the different locations. Whether looking for a car, a motorcycle, an SUV, or even a light commercial vehicle, be sure to call us first.

What distinguishes us from the rest is the fact that we value our customers’ satisfaction. Professionalism, transparency, and integrity are our guiding ethics, and that is why we pay attention to every one of your interactions, making sure that you receive the optimal service. Our operators, proven through years of training and practice, handle your vehicle with utmost care and precision so that you sleep in the knowledge that your most valued asset is in safe hands.

Never let a breakdown disrupt your schedule. When it is time to tow in Melbourne, let our team of experienced professionals assist you in any situation, on time and safely. Contact us now for more information and see how we can return you to a carefree driving environment.

Towing Process You Should Know

Initial Contact

An unfortunate situation and in need of towing services to replace your battery or locate a dealership for installation, contact Maningham Towing on our website or call our hotline at 0422 701 118. We are on call 24/7, just made a phone call!

Assessment & Dispatch

When responding to your phone call, Maningham Towing promptly dispatches trained towing experts to your location. We will determine the problem, checking such inquiries as what kind of vehicle, its condition and the possible special needs.

Notice: Only your safety as well as the integrity of your car is of utmost importance. The tow truck operator will take the utmost care to ensure that the towing process is carried out safely and securely. It can include, for example, keeping the vehicle in place using suitable towing equipment.


After everything is in the right place and the operation is safe to start, the towing expert will slowly tow your auto to the designated point. Whether it's a repair shop, your home or another place our technicians will provide the fastest and safest transportation to prevent the car from additional damages.

Throughout the towing process, Maningham Towing maintains open communication with you. We provide updates on the progress and inform you of any changes or unexpected developments.


Customer satisfaction is the main goal of Maningham Towing. After the towing service is complete, we will follow up with you to confirm everything went well and listen to any feedback or concerns you may have.

Maningham Towing is committed to making the towing process as uncomplicated as it can be. We supply prompt and professional assistance whenever you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maningham Towing has staff that can tow different means of vehicles ranging from cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks and SUVs among others. It’s therefore easy and safe to tow your vehicle regardless of its dimensions and weight. Our equipment and specialists are being pampered and proud of. Your car is in good hands.

Our team understands the urgency of roadside requests. We respond promptly to all towing requests. A tow truck is dispatched to your location quickly after receiving your call. Rest assured. We prioritize efficiency without compromising on safety.

We provide towing services throughout the greater Melbourne area. This includes the CBD, suburbs and surrounding regions. Our team assist you wherever you are stranded. Need towing assistance within our service area?

Safety is our top priority at Maningham Towing. Our staff consists of qualified specialists who follow stringent safety measures when towing your vehicle. We prioritise your safety and peace of mind through the towing process. We use secure attachments to our tow truck and navigate with caution to ensure a damage-free experience.

Towing costs vary depending on criteria such as distance vehicle type and situation. We endeavour to provide affordable prices. Honest quotes to our customers for personalised prices, please contact us directly. We will assist you!

professional towing services
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We guarantee that our tow truck services Melbourne are available to you 24/7 and that our drivers act in the best interest of your concerns and vehicle health. Contact us to get a detail quote.

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