Low Clearance Tow Truck in Melbourne

It’s always a tough time when you need your vehicle to be towed. Not only will you have to find a company to move your car, but you’ll also have to put off any plans you may have for a problem you wish you didn’t have to deal with. When you are in an area with low clearance, the problem is compounded, such as a parking lot or under a carport in an apartment complex. You might feel like you don’t have any good options because many types of tow trucks require a lot of space to operate. Fortunately, Maningham Towing offers a low clearance tow truck service in Melbourne available specifically for these types of situations. With our friendly and quick service, we’ll have you back on the road in no time!

Don’t call just anyone to tow from a parking garage! Conventional tow trucks (tilting trailers) are simply too big. A low-clearance tow truck will help you out without damaging your car or the surrounding environment.

We recommend that you always have our phone number on hand for a low clearance tow truck service, just in case. This way, you can save time, money, and a lot of trouble! This is where we step in. Our team is ready to help you out of any tricky situation.

Don’t get caught stranded without a low clearance tow truck service! Low clearance towing is our speciality! 

Fast Reliable Service

Maningham Towing has a solid reputation for low clearance tow truck service in Melbourne over the years. There is no additional risk of further injury to you or other drivers on the road as we are experts at quickly removing you and your vehicle or motorcycle off the road. We will pick up and prepare your car or motorcycle for safe movement and towing away from the accident site or if you experience a traffic violation.

  • Carports and Garages:The best option is to move the vehicle out in the open first and then get it towed in the most of the time. But this is not always possible and you may need the help of our tow truck operator.
  • Beneath bridges or other low ceilings: If your car stops working in these areas, getting out of them is often much more difficult than getting in! Let us take care of it for you.

What kind of areas are low clearance Tow Truck areas?

Low clearance is a relative term and depends on the type of vehicle. But no matter what your car is or where it is, we’re here to help you find your way to safety. Some common areas include:

  • Parking Garages:The clearance is as low as 7 feet high in some parking garages. If you can barely fit it in your car, you’ll need a professional towing company familiar with low-clearance towing service to pull it out.

We Are the Best Option

We provide the best low clearance tow truck service in Melbourne. We can safely tow front wheel, rear wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles depending on the style and type of car involved. we are also prepared to clean up any remaining crash debris in order to prevent any additional damage to other vehicles on the road. In addition, we pride ourselves in offering cheap low clearance tow truck service near Melbourne and nearby.

All of our tow trucks are state of the art engineered and fully equipped to meet all of Melbourne’s low clearance tow truck needs. Our fleet consists of tilting sliding pallets and wheel-lift tow trucks, as well as service vehicles. Our tow trucks feature a radius wheel tie-down system to ensure safe and reliable transport of all loads. All vehicles are fully equipped to manage any transportation or roadside assistance needs.

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