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As a certified, insured, reliable, and affordable car towing company in Victoria, Maningham Towing is always here to help you. Our staff are experts in efficiently towing away vans, cars, motorcycles, or small machinery under 7.5 tonnes. We take pride in offering affordable and efficient roadside assistance services that are dependable in Victoria. Every driver is insured, and certified, and adheres strictly to ensuring the safety of our customers and their vehicle. For more details, please check our main services: accident towing, trade towing, and machinery towing.

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Our specialized towing machinery allows us to tow a variety of vehicles, and we offer different car towing services that are available 24/7!

We are always open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Maningham's car towing service can tow any vehicle, anytime, anywhere in Victoria!

Tow all types of vehicle

Ranging from small cars, motorcycles, vans, and trucks to heavy specialized machinery and other vehicles. Our car towing service can transport any vehicle to your selected destination!

High-quality services at affordable price

We believe in providing quality, efficient, reliable, and affordable car towing. Affordability at a reasonable price whilst also providing a high level of service is our model and aspiration as a tow truck provider in Victoria.

cheap towing service

Meet various towing requirements

We have a range of specialized vehicles that can meet different towing needs. Our licensed, competent, and professionally trained drivers can offer three main towing services: accident towing, trade towing and heavy machine car towing.

Professional tow truck experts

With years of experience accumulated by our drivers, they are some of the most competent and professionally trained tow truck drivers. Our drivers undergo rigorous training and examination to provide the best and most affordable service. Excellent and quality car towing is a combination we uphold dearly. Your satisfaction is our pride!

We are always open 24 hours, 7 days a week

We Tow All Types of Vehicles



Light Machinery (Forklifts, Scissor Lifts, Rollers)



Light Trucks & Vans

We are always open 24 hours, 7 days a week

The Best & Safe Car Towing We Offered

Collisions, accidents, or breakdowns are a nightmare that many drivers wish to avoid. No one should be subjected to unwanted incidents or forced upon anyone else. However, when you are in such a situation, please call us, your reliable, efficient, and cheap towing service provider, Maningham Towing.

We are certified, insured, trustworthy and professional in our services and are available 24/7.

Car towing services might be required of you in case your car is run safely after the happening of a mechanical fault, accident damage, or any other reason that makes it immobile. In case you find yourself in an unsafe situation where it is better not to drive, you’re well advised to call a tow truck to aid you.

The cost of towing often comes in the form of a fee that may depend on the length of the tow, the type of vehicle, and the requirement of any additional services, such as a wrench-out from a ditch or towing from a very remote location. We offer to evaluate the fees completely and we can provide an estimate over the phone according to your particular situation.

Yes, it is possible to take several precautions to guarantee a successful towing process. These may include securing personal belongings inside the car, telling us special considerations if there are any, such as low clearance, four-wheel, and checking that the vehicle is accessible to be towed and ready for the towing: reverse the gear, take off the parking brake, turn off the ignition.

Definitely! Maningham Towing provides low clearance tow truck service. We have specialized equipment and trained personnel capable of towing vehicles from confined spaces such as parking garages or underground structures. However, it’s essential to inform us of the specific location and any access restrictions to ensure we can dispatch the appropriate equipment and personnel.

You can request towing our service by calling our hotline at 0422 701 118 or using our online request form on the website. Our dispatch will immediately offer help and send a tow truck to your location.

Accident Towing

Accidents are not something we want to be subjected to and we do our utmost best to avoid them as much as possible. Sometimes however, even the best of drivers finds themselves in an accident or collision. In such an event call on a reliable, efficient and quality towing service that will quickly get you back on the road.

Trade Towing

Ever experienced a breakdown or have your car stuttering or for some reason it cannot drive? In the event of such a situation you need to call on a towing service that offers trade towing. These are common events that can happen when you least expect it. Call on an efficient, reliable, and quality trade towing service that you can rely on now!

Machinery Towing

Do you have heavy machinery equipment that you need towed to a specific designation? Construction projects require specialised heavy machinery to finish the projects. Machinery towing requires specialised vehicles and properly trained professionals to handle them. We have you covered with out competent drivers and specialised vehicles for any machinery towing needs you may have!

24/7 Breakdown Towing

We are always available 24 hours 7 days a week. In the event of a breakdown, regardless of what time it is, do not hesitate to contact us and seek our car towing service in Victoria. We are efficient, reliable, professional, and diligent in our work. Getting you back on the road safely, efficiently, and whenever is our mission.

Local, Country and interstate

Our affordable service covers all of Victoria, including the countryside and interstate. If you need a car towing service, feel free to contact us and see how we can help you.

We are always open 24 hours, 7 days a week

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Over the years, Maningham Towing has earned a reputation as a trusted and reliable car towing provider able to get you back on the road efficiently and safely. Our drivers are meticulous in their work, carefully loading your vehicle to ensure safe transport to your desired destination.

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