What you should expect in Lower Clearance Car Park Towing Services

Have you found yourself in an indoor parking lot with a low ceiling? Chances are you have, and chances are you might be in trouble. Normal vehicles can easily escape the entrance barriers in parking lots; however, many trucks cannot get past them. So, in the event of a breakdown, disabled car, stuck or any other similar situation, then you should consider Lower Clearance Car Park Towing. Lower Clearance Car Park Towing is simply just specialised car towing when your car is parked and needs to be towed due to either difficult circumstances such as breakdowns, stuck or disabled. Today we will tell you what you should expect when you call a Lower Clearance Car Park Towing service.

Smaller trucks

Manoeuvring a truck into tight spaces can be very dangerous especially in a cramped area as well as a tight space. As such, towing companies choose to opt for smaller trucks with lower clearance car park towing access. Maningham Towing have a variety of trucks that satisfy the height, width, and weight regulations. So, rest assured, we know what we are doing with Lower Clearance car Park Towing. Most importantly our trucks are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure that our Lower Clearance Car Park Towing services are efficient, safe, and professional. You will be able to quickly get back on the road with our trustworthy Lower Clearance Car Park Towing! 

Skilled and Experience Drivers 

The team at Maningham Towing are all highly trained and licensed to handle the latest equipment. With years of experience in Lower Clearance Car Park Towing, our team is guaranteed to get your car out of any sticky situation. The movements of each team member are efficient and most importantly safe for Lower Clearance Car Park Towing. They will prioritise getting you back on the road in the swiftest time possible as well as ensure they go about it in the safest manner. 


At Maningham towing, we understand that Lower Clearance Car Park Towing can be stressful and a nightmare to be in. That’s why our services are highly affordable! Don’t stress about the payment, we guarantee that we are one of the most affordable Lower Clearance Car Park Towing services that you can find across Melbourne! Your safety and our efficiency is what we guarantee and an affordable service which is why we are the best Lower Clearance Car Park Towing servicing company that specialises in breakdown, accident or even trade towing! 


Maningham Towing is the professionally certified, trained, efficient, affordable, and quality car towing service helping Melbournians in an accident, breakdown, or trade towing. If you ever find yourself in a breakdown or accident or need a cheap car towing service, contact us for any roadside assistance or car towing! Our services are also extended to Low Clearance Towing, so whenever you need assistance, you can always rely on our quick, affordable and professional service to get you back on the road!