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Tow truck drivers do not have an easy job and can be very hectic. The requirements of many car towing services mean drivers need to be available at certain times to provide quality, efficient and affordable car towing services. Sometimes, you may wonder whether the car towing service or accident towing service you have called has dispatched a reliable driver. That is why we have made a shortlist of what to look out for to keep your mind at ease in identifying a competent tow truck driver.

Cautious and Confident

A tow truck driver needs to exude confidence but also act cautiously with their actions. They will work in a manner that signals they understand the dangers that can or may occur or arise from their carelessness. Moreover, they will move in a manner that allows them to minimize the dangers and risks that can occur during a car towing service.

Friendly, Patient, and Professional

Customer interaction is always a significant impression. That is why a competent tow truck driver will prioritize the customer’s needs or requirements in a friendly and courteous manner. Any questions that the customer may have will be patiently listened to by the tow truck driver and answered to the best of their knowledge. Tow truck drivers will also know that during an incident, customers can be more agitated, perturbed, scared, and even frustrated, a competent tow truck driver will wait patiently and manage the situation in a calm and professional manner befitting of a quality car towing service.

Physically Adept

Car towing service providers ensure that their drivers are physically adept to ensure compliance and safety procedures are followed carefully when loading a vehicle. A driver needs to be physically competent as well to keep your mind at ease to ensure a smooth car towing process occurs, to ensure that the vehicle is loaded correctly and is secured before being towed away to a destination of your choice.

Licensed and Knowledgeable

A no-brainer. Car towing service providers ensure their drivers comply with stringent guidelines and tests before being provided a license to tow vehicles. A simple question to see license registration will do as well as seeing the manner in which they prepare your vehicle for towing whilst meticulously following safety procedures also shows their knowledge.

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