Road Accident Towing Services

Road accidents can be experienced by anyone, from a beginner on their learners, probationary licenses, veteran drivers with years of experience and even the most cautious drivers. Whilst the number of accidents has significantly decreased over the years thanks to people being more educated on road safety, there are still some occasions where an unavoidable accident may occur. From Vic Roads, “a crash damaged vehicle must be moved so it does not cause a road safety hazard”. If in the case where your vehicle is damaged where it cannot be driven, you must arrange for car towing. Most importantly, the car towing services must have proper accreditation to ensure that they are competent and properly trained who will not only act with integrity but also efficiently and safely. Now if you do find yourself in a road accident here are a few steps to remember and to do:

ensure you and the other party are safe

When an accident occurs, safety and the well being of not only yourself, but your passengers and the other party should be of your highest priority. If you see anyone bleeding or suspect immediate help is required depending on the severity of the accident, do not hesitate to call for help immediately. If there are no visible signs of injury, do not be complacent as there may be head traumas or other physical traumas that may manifest later. It is best if you prepare for everyone to have appropriate medical attention if required.

move your vehicle

After confirming the safety of others, within your ability or depending on the car’s condition, move out of the way for oncoming traffic. If the car cannot be moved, you must call a car towing service company. In the meantime, whilst you wait, use your hazards light to warn and inform drivers. Note that when an accident occurs you cannot leave the accident scene and by law you and the other party are required to stop driving and assist each other. To not comply with either of these will make you susceptible to committing an offence.

call the police

Regardless of if the accident is small or big, it is always best to call the police and report the accident. If you choose not to file an accident report, the other party can file a report shifting the blame on you. Sometimes calling the police ensures that the other party does not flee or if they do not give you any of their details. Additionally, no matter or under any circumstance, never say that you were sorry or responsible for the accident even if you think it was your fault. By admitting to fault, your words can be used against you in the court of law and any claims you make to defend yourself will be disputed by the other party.

gather evidence and call insurance company

Whilst you and the other party wait for the appropriate authorities to arrive, take your evidence. The evidence should be clear and involve damages to vehicle, and any injuries. Your evidence will help you with your insurance claims. Depending on who is responsible for the accident, you and the other party must exchange information. Most insurances will sit under the accident cover which can be claimed. For more complex cases or depending on the insurance claim, a civil court mediation may be required. Moreover, calling your insurance company is vital as if allows you to claim later in case the severity of the damage is more than you initially believed. Ensure that you completely understand the insurance policies and points you have signed on. If in any way you do not understand certain terms, ask for clarity.

call maningham towing melbourne car towing services

Depending on the severity of the damage to your vehicle, it is appropriate to call a Melbourne car towing service. Even if an accident might seem to be minor to your vehicle, it can still result in a breakdown. In such events you should call a reliable, efficient, safe, and credible car towing service such as Maningham Towing. No one wants to be in an accident. However, if you ever find yourself in one, contact us and see how we can help you with your accident towing service.