Jump starting your car

In the event of a breakdown, sometimes you may discover that you just have a flat car battery. A flat car battery can happen to anyone and can at times be unpredictable. After all, when a car battery is performing optimally, why bother to check? However, when the car battery does become flat or grabs your attention you may either want to jump start or call a towing service. If you decide to jump-start your car there are a few criteria, you should pay careful attention to. Listed below are what you require and how to jump-start a car.

tools to jump start your car

  1. Gloves
  2. Safety goggles (Anything to protect ears)
  3. Jumper Cables
  4. Flashlight (Depends on visibility)

how to jump start

Usually, when you try to jump start a car, it should be outside with adequate ventilation to prevent the build-up of fumes. The voltage of both batteries should be the same and both cars should either have their handbrakes on or parked. Unless your battery caps are maintenance-free remove them and brush away any powdery residue to ensure a good stable connection. Attach the red clip to the positive terminal to the car with the flat battery and the other side to the positive terminal on the other car. Black clips should be attached to the negative terminal, the other side should not be connected. Attach it to an unpainted metal area on YOUR car (usually near the hood). Start the car and let it run for a few minutes, during this time observe for battery life (radio, light). If there are visible signs of battery life, run the car a little longer. After a while, start the car and if it is successful do not turn off either car, remove the clips starting with the black clip attached to the metal on your car then the one attached to the negative terminal. Follow up by unclipping the red clip from the other car then your car. However, just because a car has successfully been jumpstarted, you should test to see if the battery needs a replacement. If it can be restarted when you can take it home, you can opt to take it to the auto care professional, or call a car towing service, and let them tow it to your designated destination.


Breakdowns can be annoying; a flat car battery can be quite particular when it happens, but it may be easy to manage by jumpstarting. However, if your battery is completely dead, jumpstarting is useless, you need to call a towing service. That is why you should rely on Maningham Towing, we are available 24/7 and offer professional, quality, safe, affordable, and efficient towing services in Melbourne. Call us if you ever find yourself in such a predicament, we are always willing to help you out.