What You Should Do Before Your Car is towed

Do you have an old car that requires to be towed away or that is rusted or find yourself in a breakdown or accident? If you find yourself in any of these circumstances that require car towing, you should do these steps listed below after you have called a car towing service:

remove any valuables

Any valuables such as bags, mobile phones, keys, wallets, or other essentials should be removed from your vehicle. A car towing company is responsible for the towing and secured delivery of your vehicle; however, they are not responsible for any damages or losses of any personal items of the driver. So, whilst you have time, please make sure to vacate your car whilst waiting for the tow truck driver. If you have multiple valuables that cannot be taken out due to the size or inability to store them, you should call upon a friend or family member and have them load your valuables into their car instead.

park the vehicle in a safe and accessible area

If you find yourself in the middle of the road, try moving the vehicle off the road to minimize the traffic hazards for oncoming drivers as well as make traffic smoother. Obviously, if your car cannot be moved to a safe and accessible area due to its condition you are allowed to leave the vehicle parked where it is but leave the hazard lights on to warn oncoming drivers. Having your vehicle in a safe and accessible area ensures that the car towing company can easily load your vehicle onto the tow truck without having any inconveniences or them having to wait on you to access an old car that you want to tow away.

use hazard lights if required

If your vehicle cannot be relocated off the road, then please use your hazard lights to alert other car drivers about your Vehicle’s presence. Hazard lights inform the drivers of the upcoming condition and your vehicle and will make them more cautious when driving by. Now as you wait for the car towing company to arrive, try your best to relax, breathe in and out. Car Towing services need time to get to the area safely and efficiently, and so it is in your best interest to relax and destress and trust the car towing service you have called.

maningham towing is always here to help

Breakdowns and accidents are some unfortunate incidents that can happen to the best of us. If you ever find yourself in a situation such as this please do not hesitate to call Melbourne’s reliable Car Towing Service Maningham Towing today and see how we can help you whenever you find yourself broken down, in an accident, or to tow away an old car.